Born in New York City, Gary began his martial arts journey at the age of 11 with Judo. After the Korean War, his brother Joey was sent to the Kodokan in Japan to learn Judo so he could teach it to soldiers for their self defense training  From 15 to 18 he trained in boxing with Rocky Marciano’s trainer, Charlie Goldman at Stillman’s gym in Manhattan.  During his tour as a Marine from 1963 to 1967, he studied in Okinawa with Master Shimabuku and studied Iron Palm in Hong Kong with Master Raymond Wong and Master Lee. In Vietnam Gary was assigned to the Republic of Korea Marines as security and rode with them all the way from Chu Lai to DaNang. With them he trained in a lethal style he never got the name of due to the language barrier.

After arriving back in the states in 1967, he immediately moved to Los Angeles Chinatown to study with Grand Master Ark Yuey Wong in the Five Family, Five Animal Style of kung fu. In 1973, at the request of GM Wong, Gary began teaching at his new school in West Los Angeles and eventually took it over and it has been open with almost the same students ever since. Gary continued training with GM Wong until 1982. He later studied Tai Chi with Mary Chu at UCLA.

Gary is now retired and living in Thailand. He travels every year to Los Angeles for the month of March to further instruct and promote this great style.





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Gary Teaches the first part of the Five Family Style

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In this DVD, Gary gives you the history of Choy Li Fut Mok Hung, the Five Family Style.
You will be shown, in this style, how to make a fist, punch, hold the animal hands and do the basic horse and cat stances.

He then goes through the first form, called the "Salute" in detail, with a clear view from every angel, so it is easy to follow. Gary goes through each and every movement with an example of how the move is used in application. He continues in the same manner for the second form called the "Small Cross".

In this video, Gary had made it his goal to preserve the old art and teach it exactly the way Grand Master Wong taught it. There are no made up movements. Gary knows that it can be difficult for students to remember each and every move done the right way if not practiced on a consistent basis. Gary comes to the Los Angeles only once a year, but now it is your chance to have a Instructional DVD with Gary by your side. This is truly a fantastic learning tool if you are committed to learn the Five Family Style.

We will continue making DVDs of all the forms. It is important to Gary to preserve this style so it will last for generations to come.

For any questions about the style, you can contact Gary through his forum at:


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